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To get the most out of your Interactive experiences, TVI13 recommends using Ultratime(sm).

Many of our Digital Interactive Experiences are also currently backward compatible with most mobile devices equipped with a QR code reader, if you can not install Ultratime(sm).

To enjoy the full effect of 360º experiences on mobile devices we also recommend you install the YouTube App as it will allow you to view 360º video on both iOS and Android mobile devices.

Some of our experience are enhanced when you have NFC activated. So go to the control panel for your mobile device and turn it on!

Download Ultratime Mixed Reality Viewer

Download the latest Ultratime Viewer for Android v1.1

Download the latest Ultratime Viewer for Android v1.1

Download free from
Smart Digital Networks, Inc.

Download the latest Ultratime Viewer for iOS v1.1
(iOS version currently only available to Ultratime iOS BETA Test Members)

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"UploadVR: World's First AR Rave"

Ultratime Augmented Reality works with all "TVI13 Augmented Reality Cubes"
"TVI13 Augmented Reality Cubes"

and TVI13 Event Images and Stickers

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