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A Series Of 13 Experimental Smart Augmented Reality Events.

Join us in the celebration of advances in digital 360º Interactive Experiences and Video, 3-D, Aircasting, Animation, Art, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Batteries, Beacons, Broadcasting, Cameras, Cams, Cardboard, CGI, Communications, Displays, Dolls, Drones, EAN, Fashion, Games, Gesture, Glasses, GPS, Gyroscopics, Health, Holographics, Homes, Keys, Lights, Listening, Literature, Locks, Movies, Music, Networks, NFC, OCR, Phones, Photography, Printers, Processors, Projectors, QR, Radio, Recognition, Retail, RFID, Robots, Sound, Speech, Speakers, Technology, Television, Touch, Toys, Trackers, Translation, Transportation, Travel, UPC, Video, Virtual Reality, Voice Input and Output, Wallets and Wearables.

Our events involve new technology experiences and experiments.
Tickets for events during 2019 are available by invite only at secret test locations.

Stay tuned to this page for further details on specific times, themes and locations for each event.

TVI13 Experimental Smart Augmented Reality Events in the NEWS!
"UploadVR: World's First AR Rave"

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